Boasting mountain scenery, islands, a coastline with a harbour, as well as inland rivers scattered among its traditional Japanese villages, Sukumo City truly is a cyclist’s paradise. Cycling is, in fact, considered the best way to get around the area, providing unrivalled opportunities to immerse oneself in its abundant nature and to get a warm feel for the locals’ daily lives.
Bicycles can easily be rented at the Sukumo City Tourist Association office, located within Sukumo railway station. The rental fee is just 500JPY per bicycle, for a 5 hour rental period, or 1000JPY for 24 hours. Subsequent days are charged at a further 1000JPY per day.
A variety of bikes are available to choose from, including mountain bikes and lighter, electric bicycles with convenient front baskets.

・Seaside cycling course available for those who prefer ocean views
・Mountain-ride course for those who prefer mountain and river scenery
・Historic ‘pilgrim’s course’, following a genuine Buddhist pilgrimage route
・The more extreme ‘Okinoshima Challenge Course’, for proficient cyclists

Due to the fact that Japan’s natural scenery undergoes changes from season to season, the variety of cycling courses on offer is likewise subject to revision.
Further details (and maps) can be obtained at the Sukumo City Tourist Association office.

本月 在宿毛市 举行的节日

宿毛自行车旅行·Tour de Sukumo(包含自行车出租介绍) 的 时间线页面

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    高知 宿毛市


    求挑战者! 只奔跑不能达到目的的挑战路线。对体力有自信的人才能挑战。走行距离大约19.5km,所需时间10小时。 宿毛市不只有海山川街还有岛。冲岛在从宿毛市片岛港到海上24km的地方,是受自然眷顾,盛行垂钓和潜水的休闲岛。 坐上片岛港早上7点出发的定期船,经过一个半小时到达冲岛的母岛港。从母岛港出发,逆时针绕冲岛一周。 巡游母岛港~弘濑...

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    高知 宿毛市


    延光寺作为宿毛站的起点,一直到滨田的住宿的屋子的具有历史意义的自行车道路。虽然说开车过去只需要20分钟就可以,但是坐车去的话会错过路上的很多风景。 从宿毛站出发,走向东延伸的56号国道。 出发大约1km,5分钟左右,进入左手边的狭窄的道路,就可以进入被称为水车街道的狭窄的道路,这里有两架水车。跟开车的道路不一样,悠闲地走的话会有不一样的风情。梅...

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    高知 宿毛市

    宿毛的海的代表,海边道路 ~宿毛的自行车道路

    宿毛的海的代表海边道路 宿毛有美丽的海,宿毛湾有很多的海滨和岩石海岸。走在片岛海港~大岛,咸阳岛,可以很好的欣赏海的风景,享受海边的乐趣的豪华的道路。夏天,可以感受蓝色的海和舒缓内心的海风。冬天如果你运气好的话,可以欣赏到独特的风物诗“法夕阳”。 这个路线的魅力是走着走着就可以看到变换的海的风景 —从宿毛站出发,走在田地的住宅区之间,超...