A new shop established in June 1st of 2016 by the chef of a renowned local store.
The place is composed by 3 private booths, 3 semi-private booths, and a counter. The clear wood helps create a fresh and clean Japanese style. It offers a wide selection of shochu as well as charcoal grill dishes such as chicken meat.
The shop’s specialties are the freshly caught fish sashimi, and the charcoal grill chicken meat.
Due to a close relationship with the middlemen of the fish market in Sukumo Bay, it is possible for the establishment to carefully pick from the recently caught fish and ensure an extraordinary degree of freshness. We would like you to experience the luxury of tasting sashimi made out of fish right out of the water.
Dishes other than sashimi and chicken meat are also available. In addition to the silverside deep fried without bread or batter, and the Shimanto chicken meat menu found in Sukumo, there are also Japanese style meals such as deep-fried tofu, fish surimi, Japanese omelette, as well as tofu, Caesar salad, and more. The cooking prepared by the veteran chef in charge is so well made and tasty you will never get tired of eating it.
The final touch comes with the fried rice. The somewhat strong flavor and the soft texture of the garlic soy sauce help bring the taste together, giving it a well done feeling.
The shop is named after the old proverb related to tea ceremonies “Ichigo Ichie”, which carries the meaning of giving importance to every encounter. Whereas the original saying emphasizes each meeting, the name of Ichigo Ichie focuses more on remembering to always keep smiling.