Around the hypocenter of the explosion and a small hill, there is Nagasaki Peace Park which commemorates the tragic atomic bombing of the city.
It was established in hope of eternal peace.

“Peace Statue”
This bronze statue symbolizes the citizens’ hope for peace. It is 9.7 meters high and weights 30 tons. The sculptor, Seibou Kitamura, is a citizen of Nagasaki and he expressed god’s love and mercy. The statue is pointing the sky with his right hand and water with his left hand. They represent thread of atomic bomb and peace respectively. His closed eyes show pray for the victims. On every August 9th, there is a ceremony called Nagasaki Peace Day on which people pray in front of it and declare peace.

“Fountain of Peace”
The fountain was constructed for the souls of Atomic bomb victims who died searching for water with their hideously burned bodies. Nagasaki citizens hoping for eternal peace offered money for this 18 meters fountain in the park in 1969. Water spray is like dove flying. In front of the fountain is a stone monument of a girl exposed to radiation that writes, “I could not stand terrible thirst. Water was covered with oil. I wanted water so badly that I drank that oily water.”


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