"World Heritage Site 20th Anniversary Art Aquarium Castle - Kyoto goldfish dance ~" is being held now.
Art aquarium is the new exhibition to create a fantastic world with the exhibitions using water of which
is the mochif of the sum, combining the latest production technology such as LED lighting and projection mapping

It has been held in Tokyo Nihonbashi, this venue, Nijo castle with a history of more than
400 years.
In particular, that in the normal private location, will be held in the time of night that can not be admitted, is a special exhibition planning.
The theme, "Revival and Outgoing REAL JAPAN".
Kyoto is proud, and beginning with Japan's traditional industries the kimono, in the exhibition that combines contemporary art, you'll be able to touch the ultimate beauty of Japan. Also, This exhibition, past the largest.
While feeling the night breeze of autumn, it is an event that can be touched to "true beauty of Japan".

Venue: Moto-Rikyu Nijo Castle
541 Nijo Castle-cho Horikawa Nishi Nijo street Chuo-ku Kyoto
Period: 2014/10/24~2014/12/14
Time: 17:00~22:00(Lat enter 21:30)
Admission fee: Adult 1,500yen Child 1,000yen less than 3 years old: Free
Official web site: http://h-i-d.co.jp/art/


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