Kiyomizu Temple offers extended opening hours at night, only 3 short
duration in a year. Autumn leaf coloration here is so familiar to

As a fall season goes deep, the main hall as national heirloom is
surrounded by Autumn leaves. Daytime scenery makes people enchant.
Furthermore, it is so beautiful that Gara, where monks gather and
train themselves, is lighted up after sunset and it brings more sacred
atmosphere. The beauty may amaze you.A ray of blue light from the
temple to the sky represents a heart of mercy from Kannon. You can
look across night views of the city so that it is great for people who
love to enjoy fantastic night scenery in Kyoto. Come and experience a
special scenery.

Parking:some nearby ( possibility of crowd)
Fee:adult 400yen, student 200yen
Contact: Kiyomizu Temple TEL. 075-551-1234
Official URL:


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