Do you know Japan's the biggest share convenience store "Seven-Eleven" with 17,009 stores in Japan?
So let me tell you happy news from this popular convenience store to customers from overseas.
From now on, they have tax-free service about you can get a consumption duty money back if you filled the paper on the duty free service counter.

Only two stores "Sai-in Eki Minami-ten (Sai-in Station south)" in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto and "Asakusa-Kaminari-mon" Taito-ku,Tokyo have this service from today and they will think about if they need to expand it or not.
consumable supplies including food and Drink, Alcohol, cosmetics which become tax-free items from October are the service objects.
Bring the tax-fee items you wish to buy with special basket to the tax-free counter and show your passport and credit card.
There are guideline pumflet in four languages which are English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai.

Service starts: 1/Dec/15
store: Sai-in Eki Mianmi-ten (Sai-in Station South)
Address: 17 Sanzou-cho, Sai-in Nishi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city, Kyoto 615-0027
Access: Hankyu line "Sai-in Station" walk 3 minutes to South.


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