New Year events in Saitama City "Yono SHichi-Fukujin(seven lucky God) Tour / Shichi-Fukujin fancy dress parade" will be held!
Shichi-Fukujin is the seven of God(spirits), which is said to bring good fortune.
It's origin is in Muromachi period they decided 7 spirits based on Sages of the Bamboo Grove from China.
These Gods are selected from God in India, China and Japan, and said have divine favor for luck, various fulfillment and health promotion.
As to make it lucky year, let's tour the seven shrines and temples Shichi Fukujin has been assigned for four days from New Year's day.
Each shrine and temples will have special stamps for the tour and surely it will make your year with full of happiness.
On January 3rd, they will have a Shichi Fukujin costume parade and also the parade visit these 7 shrines and temples as well.
It must be nice to experience Japanese New Year's event.

Date: 1/Jan/15-4/Jan/15
Period: 9:00-16:00 you can get a special stamps on each temples and shrines for 100 yen.
Place: Area around Honmachi, Chuo-ku, Saitama city, Saitama

Date: 3/Jan/15
Period; 11:15-14:30 (rain out)
Official Website:


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