Nagara-gawa railway which connects Minokamo city and Gujo city is now operating "Gottso kotatsu train".
In the one-car train, you can enjoying eating local special food of the wayside with a Japanese traditional heater called "Horigotatsu (sunken kotatsu)".
The operation schedule is on weekend of December 14th to March 21.
You can't never miss their lunch boxes served in the car, Kamameshi (meat and vegetable dish served in a small pot) with natural sweetfish called ayu, Yakuzen cuisine (meal nutritious made on the basis of Chinese medicine theory) or other delicious food from great restaurants from railway wayside.
You will get to see many scenic spots while riding Nagara-gawa railway because it runs along the Nagara River known as the clear water.
It is a highly recommend sightseeing spot where you can eat delicious food while enjoying the stunning views and with Japanese winter tradition kotatsu!

Period: Saturday and Sunday of 14/Dec/14-21/Mar/15
limit: 24 people
fee: 5000 yen includes one day free ticket.
call: Nagara-gawa rail way 0575-23-3921
official website:


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