Currently, the hazard level of Mt Aso is still Level 2 which was announced on 30th August 2014 for the first time.
Aso super ring in Aso Ropeway Station, Aso Volcanic Museum and around Kusasenrigahama are still accessable the same as before the eruption,
although within 1 km from the crater is prohibited to enter due to the volcanic cinders.
All the detailed information is below. The safely is guaranteed in those places since they are located far from the crater.
We will welcome you with the best service as usual so please come and visit many places in Kumamoto・Aso.
(The information is based on 3rd December 2014)

 [The distance from the crater to the sightseeing spots]
●1㎞(Outside of hazard area)「Aso Super ring」(Around Asozan Nishi Station, Aso Ropeway)
●3㎞    「Aso Volcanic Museum」・「Kusasenrigahama」(Aso City)
●5~10㎞ 「Minami Aso Onsen」(Minami Aso Village)
●10㎞   「Aso・Uchimaki Onsen」(Aso City)、「JR Aso Station」(Aso City)、「Ubuyama Park」(Ubuyama Village)、
       「Shirakawa Suigen」(Minamiaso Village)、「Takamori Wakimizu Tunnel」・「Takamori Onsen」(Takamori Town)
●15㎞~ 「Ubuyama Onsen」(Ubuyama Village)、「Mono Sato」(Nishihara Village)
●20㎞~ 「Kurokawa Onsen」・「Oda Onsen」・「Shirakawa Onsen」・「Tanohara Onsen」・「Manganji Onsen」(Minami Oguni Machi)
●30㎞~ 「Tsuitate Onsen」・「Waita Onsen Go」(Ogunni Town)

Please check the information about the eruption with the websites below. 

   The live information is available.
   ・The information about the regulation regarding to the eruption.   
   ・Fukuoka Meteorological Observatory.(Earthquake・Volcano urgent information)


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