The area along Tarumi Railway line which runs Motosu-city, Gifu, has plenty of seasonal food. In this area, “boar meat” is a seasonal food for winter. Boar meat has good fat, and it tastes very good, therefore those who do not really like fatty meat can also enjoy eating boar meat. There is a train that you can eat “boar meat hot pot"! “Boar meat hot pot” has slices of boar meat and vegetables such as green onion or white radish.

“Shishi Nabe (boar meat hot pot) Ressha (train)” of Tarumi Railway Sock Company.

Beautiful snow scene outside of the train makes the hot pot looks even more delicious.
Please enjoy eating hot pot with the atmosphere that is unique to this railway.

“Shi-shi Nabe Ressha”
Term: Every Thursday from December to February except the end of the year and new year.
Place: Take free shuttle bus from Tarum Station to Usuzumi Onsen Spa. Free time after you get to the spa.
Cost: 5500yan per person (Shishi Nabe, seasonal cuisine, Usuzumi Onsen Spa ticket, a discount ticket for entering a fault observation center, and one day train ticket between Oogaki and Tarumi.
Inquiry: 0581-34-8039
Note: Reservation is required 10 days before.
Official page:


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