“The 65th Minami Uonuma Snow Festival” is to be held in Minami Uonuma.The theme of this festival is “We can have snow festival, because we have beautiful snow. Snow connects a person and a person.”
For people living in snow city, it is not surprising to have snow recently. However, people can enjoy snow festival because there is a lot of snow. This snow festival is held every year because people appreciate their situation for letting them to enjoy snow, and you will feel in the same way throughout the festival.
There will be dome shape snow houses, which are called “kamakura”. It sounds cold when you hear it is made of snow, but inside is actually pretty warm. The festival will also have a Karuta (Japanese traditional card game) competition on the snow ground! Usually people play karuta inside, of course, therefore it is a rare challenge. You can also see beautiful fireworks at the festival.
Please enjoy your time with this event and local people. On Facebook, the pictures of local residences will be posted, please check them as well.

[The 65th Minami Uonuma Snow Festival]
Date: February 14th and 15th, 2015
Place: Muika-machi Ohashimoto, Uono-gawa river location site.
Cost: Free
Access: 15 minutes-walk from JR Joetsu line, or Hokuhoku line, “Muika-machi Station”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minamiuonuma.yukimaturi
Inquiry: Minami Uonuma Tourism Association 025-783-3377


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