Many sake brewers in Kyoto are collected! “Kyoto famous sake festival” will be held.
This is an event that famous sake which Kyoto, a Japanese old city, is proud of are collected. 14 sake brewers are participated in it, and they offer sake.
Participants can drink all they want! This is an event that you enjoy Japanese famous sake including Japanese rice wine and shochu.
Sake will be sold on the spot.
A lottery which you may get nice prize will also be held! Let’s enjoy local sake in Kyoto during winter.
Please be careful that people who are under 20 and plan to drive car can’t participate this event.

“Kyoto famous sake festival”
Days: February 6, 2015
Hours: 17:30~20:30(Reception: 17:00~)
Location: 3F Banquet hall, Hotel Niccou Princes Kyoto
Fee: Advance ticket 3000yen/ Today’s ticket 3500yen (Drinking all you want)
Food ticket 2000yen (4 tickets of 500 yen)
Contact: 075‐342‐2415
Official site:


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