Strawberry picking season just started !
Hunt strawberries at 観光いちご園ゆうゆう "Kanko Ichigo-en Yuyu" in "蒲生郡竜王町"(Gamo-gun, Ryuo-cho).

This is not a joke. Unlimited all-you-can-eat strawberries !!

Enjoy 2 different strawberries.
"章姫" (Akihime) has sweet and juicy with slight sourness taste that even small children can easily eat.
"紅ほっぺ" (Beni-hoppe) is bigger size strawberry developed as a new brand in 2002, and it has strong sweet and sour taste.

"近江牛" Oumi-ushi's suki-yaki or Yaki-niku is also available with strawberry hunting. (+4000 yen/Reservation required)
*Cow grown in Shiga prefecture

"竜王かがみの里" Ryuo Kagami-no Sato station is located in 15 minutes away from the park.
Visitors can purchase various local goods there.

【Kanko Ichigo-en Yuyu】
Term:Dec ~The end of May
Address:Gamo-gun, Ryuo-cho, Shichiri 85, Shiga Prefecture
Operation Hour:11am ~ 5pm
Close:Monday, Frday, (Open on Holiday) *Check before visit
Fee:Unlimited All you can eat strawberries
  [Age 12~59]2,000 yen, [Age 4~11、60 or older]1,000 yen[3 or younger]Free
Brand:Akihime, Beni-hoppe
Reservation:Required only with meal plan by a day ahead
Access:5 minutes from Meishin-Ryuo IC using R477 ※50 Free Parkings


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