Bright red strawberries grown by grace of rich sunshine. All you can eat within 50 minutes at the farm in city of Yawata.

At "Osazen Farm", unique farming method is used for the strawberries
that it is raised on the air called "Luxury Bed".
Therefore, visitors can enjoy clean strawberries at that site.
It takes only 30 minutes from Kyoto station by car.

From the way greenhouse was built to the method of farming, the farmer took extra attention on how to make delicious strawberries.
Baby car and wheelchair accessible.

【Osazen Ichigo Farm】
Address: Uchizatobugyoji, Yawata, Kyoto Prefecture
Operation Hour:9am ~ 3 pm(10 am ~ 3 pm on weekday)
Fee:[Age 12 or older]2,000 yen[3~12]1,500 yen(Dec ~ April 10)
[Age 12 or older]1,800 yen[3~12]1,300 yen(April 11 ~ May 10)
[Age 12 or older]1,500 yen[3~12]1,000 yen (May 7 ~ Close)
[Age 2 or younger]Free
Close: Tuesday(If it's on holiday, close on next day)
Reservation :Require Reservation(depends on how much strawberries available)
Access:1.5 km (5 minutes ) From 2nd Keihan Highway Yawata Higashi IC through Route 22
Parking:Yes(20 for free)
Take out:Yes /Price depend on season
Contact :Osazen Farm (Tell) 075‐982‐6757
Official Website:


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