For those who thought "oh it's sushi! Looks delicious!", sorry but those sushi in the photo are fake.

These are called "Sushi Mascot" that a company in Shizuoka city "Kitamura Sample" makes.
The company works for plastic food industry, their Sushi Mascot is so real.

If you have come to Japan, some of you should be surprised by plastic food that are common to be displayed in front of restaurants in Japan.
Elaborate Sushi Mascot is very unique to Japan, and it can be a good topic when you talk about your experience in Japan. If you want some, feel free to call the phone number below.

"Shushi Mascot"
20 kinds (tuna roll, cucumber roll, minched tuna roll, avocado roll, tuna, squid, octopus, shrimp, egg, salmon roe, ser urchin, medium fatty tuna, salmon, sea bream, eel, herring roe, horse mackerel, sweet shrimp, ark shell, young yellowtail)

Size: 55mm×24mm
Inquiry: Kitamura Sample 054-281-3111 (9am to 6pm except the weekend and national holiday)
Official page:


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