Route 334・244 located in 斜里郡斜里町 "Sharigun Shari Cho".
This route which total length is 18 kilometres is known as "Road to Heaven".
Since the road straight up to far ahead, It really looks like the road is reaching to sky.
The best time to see the road is in the evening before sunset.

Due to traffic control influenced by heavy snow, the road is closed during winter, but it opens from early April.
The part which looks like "Road to Heaven" appears when driving from 峰浜 "Minehama".
The position of sunset changes depend on season.
You should definitely check out this beautiful nature scenery when wether is clear.

Road to Heaven
Address:Sharigun Shari Cho, Minehama, Hokkaido Prefecture (北海道斜里郡斜里町峰浜)
Access:Take Route 334 from Utoro (ウトロ) toward Shari(斜里) then turn left on Minehama (峰浜). You will see Unabetsu Ski Park (ウナベツスキー場) on your left while driving down sloop then turn right in the end of corner.
Recommended term: Early April ~ Late Nov(Closed during winter)
Recommended time :Evening before sunset
Recommended Wether :Fine wether
Contact:Shiretoko Shari-cho Tourist Association (Tell) 0152-22-2125
Official Website:


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