*Koi-nobori - a carp-shaped streamers.

"Jouzankei Onsen Stream Koi-nobori" will be held at Jouzankei Onsen. Jouzankei onsen is sometimes referred to as a hidden village of Sapporo.

About 400 Koi-nobori will be gracefully swimming above the onsen town for everyone to see.

You may be asking the question why are these koi-noboris on display?

In Japan, people celebrate the healthy growth of boys on the day called "Tango no sekku". This tradition began during the Edo-period by drawing a carp on papers and cloths for well-wishes.

"Tango no sekku" now falls on May 5th, and it is now a national holiday called "Kodomo no Hi" (Day of children). Koi-nobori at Jouzankei onsen is raised during the period of April 18th to May 17th to coincide with this holiday.
Please come by and see the dynamic Springtime event!

[Jouzankei Onsen Stream Koi-nobori]
Time : 2015 April 18th - May 17th
Place       : Higashi3 Cyome, Jouzankei Onsen, Minami-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
Admission  : Free
Access       : [By Car]Head to jouzankei Onsen from Sapporo Station for 27.1km on National route 230. (travel time: about 44 Minutes)
Contact : Jouzankei Onsen Ryokan Association 011-598-2537
Website : http://jozankei.jp/archives/90


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