Along Edo River in Kasukabe City, “Big kite flying festival” is held on May 3 and 5. It’s a traditional event to fly big kite with 15m length and 11m breadth created for about 3 months praying for children’s health and happy growth. The number of people who fly the big kite is several hundred and that of tourists is about 100 thousand.

View that big kite is flying is very thrilling. This is excited by all citizens.

The origin of this kite flying is Edo period. It’s the first to fly praying for good harvest.
This is succeeded by generation and became a festival cerebrating for children’s growth.

Around the big kite, many kites such as woman and little type are flied. Please look it.

[Big kite flying festival]
Holding days: May 3 and 5, 2015
Holding place: Nishiho Shubana Chisaki Edogawa, Kasukabe-City, Saitama
Acccess: [Car] about 25 minutes from Kashiwa IC on Tokiwa car line
[Public transit] about 25 minutes by bus from East exit of Kasukabe Station on Tobu railway
Contact: Kasukabe City commerce, industry and tourist department, tourist promotion charge 048-736-1111
Official site:


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