In Atami Bay, people can enjoy displays of fireworks throughout the year. Manufacturers praise this place highly because of its conical landform. Especially, “Aerial Niagara” at the finale is so beautiful that you forget to blink. It is also attractive that you can watch fireworks, lying on the beach. They are more beautiful than photos, so you must feel them from close up!
Dates of fireworks festival in 2015 are as follows;

【Fireworks Festival in Atami 2015】
[spring] April 4 (20:20~20:45)/ May 9 (20:20~20:45)
[summer] July 26, 30 (20:20~20:50) / August 5, 7, 17, 23, 28 (20:20~20:50)
[autumn] September 26 (20:20~20:45) / October 12 (20:20~20:45)
[winter] December 6, 13, 23 (20:20~20:45)

Shooting site: Atami Bay (no postponement for rain)
Place for watching: a shoreline from sun-beach bathing place to Atami harbor
Access: 15 min. by walk from JR Atami Station
Contact: Atami City Tourist Association / 0557-85-2222
Official Website: (written in Japanese only)


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