The flower festival is held in the Mifuneyama-Rakuen park.
You can see 2,000 of SAKURA trees such as Someiyoshino, Ooshima-zakura, Yae-zakura. After you enjoy them, you can move to Kurume or Hirato.
Then you will see 200,000 trees of Azaleas there. There is also the 170 years old bi wisteria tree. From the Spring to Summer, you can enjoy them. It's like a flower relay. The flower festival is going to be held until 6th May. We hope you have fun there.

The SAKURA: Someiyoshino, Ooshima-zakura, Yae-zakura, Yae Zakura
Address:4100, Takeocho Takeo, Takeo-shi, Saga, 843-0022, Japan
Parking:150 cars
Entrance fee:20th March(FRI)~10th April
8:00~22:00/ Adults=500JPY elementary school students=200JPY
※Time Schedule is expected to change depending on the weather.
Information:Mifuneyama Kanko Hotel 0954-23-3131


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