It will be great if there is a market where you can buy variety of fresh vegetables and local products in Japan.
If you are finding one, where you would be recommended to go is “Ideyu market” near Gero hot springs.
The market is opened under the gate of Gero hot springs village, and there are the stores that sell fresh vegetables and local special products, and Japanese goods.

Actually, this market is opened for mid. March to the end of November.
You can purchase those local specialties such as tomato juice, blueberry jam, mushroom called bunashimeji, and pickled turnip. You can sample some of them too.
At the market, you can experience not only food but also other field of Japanese culture too.

[Gero hot springs: Ideyu Market]
Place: Gero city, under the Gero hot springs Gassho-village
Date: Mid March to the end of November, 2016.
Hours: 8am to noon
Closed days: Opened for every day except when the weather is bad.
Fee: Free
Parking lot: 20 cars (free)
Inquiry: Ideyu Market Executive Committee 0576-24-1000


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