Furukawa Festival is a long-standing tradition that takes place every year on the 19th and 20th of April. Furukawa locals think of it as the most important day of the year; however it is also famous throughout Japan, and has even been officially designated an ‘Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property’.

The sight of the ‘okoshi daiko', a large drum erected on a tower and played by a few select young men, is undoubtedly the highlight – especially if seen when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

The position at the very top of the tower, on which ‘okoshi daiko’ stands, is called ‘taikouchi’. It is considered the greatest and most honourable, with those selected for the festival often trying frantically to be granted the position.
The traditional, solemn ambience of the festival strikes a harmonious balance with the passion and enthusiasm of the young male participants, making for an impressive and memorable spectator experience.

On the 20th, a succession of beautifully decorated festival floats takes place, including an exquisite antique picture scroll.
Why not come and experience a dazzling and lively festival that each year brings together an entire town?

Date: 19th & 20th April 2016

Location: Hida-shi, Furukawa-cho

Address: Gifu-ken, Hida-shi, Furukawa-cho

Tel: 0577-73-2111 (Hida City Tourism Division)

By train: Just next to Hida-Furukawa station
Parking: a free short-stay car park is available


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