Situated at ‘ Imakiriguchi’ (the point at which Lake Hamana meets the Pacific Ocean), Lake Hamana’s Sealife Centre is perfectly placed to allow for breathtaking, unbroken ocean views.
Every year, from Spring through to Autumn, fishing and eel-catching are extremely popular leisure activities, giving visitors not only the chance to catch fish and eels, but also to prepare, cook and eat them on the spot! (an experience that is exclusive to Lake Hamana Sealife Centre).
Visitors even have the chance to make crafts using driftwood and seashells, as well as enjoying a barbeque amid stunning ocean views. The surrounding area boasts clear, sandy beaches spanning approximately 500m - always lively with sunbathers and beach-goers who have come to enjoy a dip in the water.
This really is the only place near Lake Hamana offering such a diverse range of summer activities and experiences, so why not book your visit now?


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