Sasara is an inn close by an onsen and the train station, which makes it strategically located in the case that you are planning on visiting other nearby sightseeing areas. Built on high grounds, their newest building, named the "Sasara Building", overlooks the onsen town that can be viewed from all the guest rooms. In total, there are 44 guest rooms in the facility with 20 of the rooms come equipped with private, outdoors bathing tubs for those wanting to soak and relax. In addition to this, there are several room types to choose from.

For those wanting a meal, guests are given the possible option to request room service or even private dining, where the chefs here mainly serve dishes using "Hida Gyu" (Hida Beef) that is well-known and particularly popular among female guests.

At the top floor of the building, one can find a large bathing area where the night view is absolutely breathtaking and bathing at its Japanese cypress lined baths that is soft to the touch will surely be able to heal one's heart.

The interior of the building not only utilizes old wood, but European chairs and tables are also used to furnish the lobby. In the lounge nearby, a flowing water centerpiece is placed in the center of it all that would most probably warm the hearts of the customers, and welcome them to the warm hospitality of the inn.

Guest Rooms:44 rooms
   (Mori 1412-1, Gero-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan)
Telephone Number:+81-576-24-1777
Reception:大前雅嗣(Omae Masatsugu)


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