Gujo city, locates upper part of Nagaragawa River in Gifu prefecture, is famous for little Kyoto "Gujo Hachiman" town, "Gujo Odori dancing" and "Gujo Hachiman Castle"
You will enjoy 22km bike ride from nostalgic Gujo Hachiman station to Minami Kodakara Onsen station as running through countryside by this Nagaragawa River Cycle Cruise.
Passing through tree tunnel, looking down grandeur Nagaragawa River stream on your side, local shrine and Nagaragawa Train crossing over the bridge...
You may get tired for uphill locate first half, but sweets treat and cool soda is waiting for you.
It is guaranteed that you will be refreshed by sounds of river stream, birds twitter or chirping of insects! And you will find hot spring at goal point for relaxing after bit tough tour. Please to have a good time until returning train comes to pick you up.


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There is no related article.