In Japan, October is called in another name “Kannazuki (No God month),” because Gods leave from the whole country and gather into one place in October. The place is “Izumo.” October is called as “Kamiarizuki (God stays month).” Gods gathered from the whole country talks about the human’s various “Match” about relationship and job. That’s the reason why Izumotaisha in Shimane is nationally known for the God of matchmaking, so that many worshipers visit there to seek good matches. Every lunar October at Izumo taisha, “Kamiarisai (God staying festival)” is held, from 9th to 16th November this year. During this time, the different Shinto rituals will be held “Kamimukae Shinji (welcoming Gods),” “Enmusubi big festival (matchmaking big festival)” praying people’s good match, “Karasadesai (leaving Gods)” leaving Gods to each regions.(The picture is “Kamimukae Shinji”)


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