"Hizen Hamashuku is located in Kashima city, Saga prefecture. It prospered as a port town and a post station along the ancient Nagasaki road since a few centuries back.
Thanks to the rich underground water and production of good quality rice, sake was avidly manufactured in this area, and to this day, many sake barrels line up along the streets.
The local breweries open their doors to the visitors, and offer samples. You will sure to find your favorite as you go for a brewery hopping.

Hizen Hamashuku is rich with traditional structures with white walls and thatched roofs, and it has been selected as one of the preversation zones of important traditional architectures.
Sakagura-dori is lined with imposing, traditional sake breweries and soy sauce shops, one can't help but feel the town's long history. Even the cafes and galleries along the street are discreetly designed so as not to disturb the atmosphere of the street.

Exploring this beautiful town and breweries can be fun even for a teatotaller. For those who are interested in the detailed history of Hizen Hamashuku, pamphlets in many languages and guided tours are available.

NPO council Hizenhamasuku water and town association
Telephone: 0954-69-8004


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