‘2016 Japanese garden ranking’ which was conducted for more than 900 Japanese gardens nationwide was announced by "Sukiya Living/The Journal of Japanese Gardening" from the American garden specialty magazine selected the Japanese garden of Adachi Museum of Art in Yasugi City as ‘Japan's best for 14 consecutive years’!

This bi-monthly Japanese garden specialty magazine was first published in 1998 to introduce Japanese gardens to all over the world by Mr. Douglas Roth who lives in the USA. People in 37 countries around the world, mainly in the English-speaking countries subscribe to this magazine.
This ranking is not based on historical value, scale, or name recognition but on the basis of the quality of the garden, the harmony between the garden and the building, and based on "how excellent as a Japanese garden is currently appreciated" by the visitors.
In Shimane Prefecture, seven gardens are ranked within 50th place including Adachi Museum of Art.


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There is no related article.
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