A magical summer spectacle that takes one back in time to a Japan from the past, firefly watching will be available this year daily from Thursday 12th to Tuesday 31st July*, at Nasu Fish Land – one of Tochigi prefecture’s major locations for witnessing fireflies in their natural habitat. *Please note that the event period may close sooner than stated.

The species of firefly found within the grounds are ‘genji-botaru’ and ‘heike-botaru’ (‘botaru’ meaning ‘firefly’ in Japanese). The flying period for both species is usually somewhat out of sync with one other, however, here both species can be seen darting and dancing simultaneously - an extremely rare phenomenon throughout the country.
Visitors can choose from a variety of package plans to purchase – including a barbecue, hot spring trip, or a bargain plan. Why not come and enjoy a meal and a trip to a Japanese onsen, whilst witnessing one of Japan’s most stunning natural spectacles?

○When: Thursday 12th – Tuesday 31st July 2018
○Where: Nasu Fish Land (Nasushiobara City, Itamuro 46)
○Entrance fee: adults – 800JPY, children of school age – 500JPY (under 2s go free) ※also free for those staying in local accommodation on the same day
○Plan fees: barbecue & onsen included daytrip: adults – 3,500JPY, children of school age – 2,800JPY, infants – 1,500JPY (reservations must be made no later than 24 hours prior)
○Enquiries: Nasu Fish Land TEL 0287-69-0009 http://www.nasufish.com/


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