YUZUNOYADO in Kitagawamura Onsen is surrounded by nature and located about 20 minutes uphill by car from National highway route 55 in Eastern Kochi. The spring has been known since over 80 years ago and is gentle on the skin so it has been popular because the spring is that soothing skin.
In June 2018, YUZUNOYADO was renovated as a hot spring facility built by CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) construction for the first time in Japan. They used materials form Kitagawamura and it is reborn like a wooden art facility.
There are three types of guestrooms with rich aroma and wooden warmth, twin bedroom, double bedroom and the Japanese-Western style which overlooks an outdoor bath that is perfect for spending time together with family and friends. The hot spring is a 100% pure spring. There is a large public bath, outdoor bath, family bath, and is available for day trippers. They cook seasonal ingredients, such as wild sweetfish, wild game meat and seasonal vegetables. You can spend time while watching the starry sky in the evening.
You can see the beautiful scenery of the red railroad bridge Kojima bridge where the Yanase Forest Railway used to run from the hot spring.
Come and warm up your body and mind at the town of Yuzu citrus, Kitagawamura, while watching the Japanese original landscape and feeling the warmth of the woods.


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