A pink-coloured Medetai Train “Sachi” and a light-blue-coloured Medetai Train “Kai” on the Nankai Kata Line got married in November 2018, and a baby was born.
It is a train with cute design that produces "good auspiciousness" and "love", and is decorated with a lot of lucky charm that makes you happy.
The interior is equipped with lover's seats to lead you to a good-match.
The wooden straps designed with marine creatures (fish, turtle, puffer fish) which you can divine your fortune with.
Lottery is on the wooden floor and you can divine your fortune with the number of fishes.
There is a beckoning cat which has a red snapper drawn on the inner door. Even if you got a bad result from the fortune teller, you will be fine by praying to the beckoning cat.
Take a trip on the "Medetai Train" and discover many "Medetai" while feeling the spring.

○ Operation start date: Sunday, March 31, 2019
○ Service section: Between Nankai Wakayama Station and Nankai Kata Station
Nankai Kata Line, Train, Wakayama, Nankai Railway