In fall, about 4,000 Momijis turn to red and you can see a very gorgeous scenery. These beautiful Momijis have attracted many people for many years, now about 500,000 people come to see them every year. During the festival, there is a night light-up and you can enjoy the unbelievable scenery. The best timing to see it is from the middle of November to the end of November although the best timing depends each year.
The Momijis lie along Tomoe river, so the clean flow of the river and the Momijis can collaborate together. The collaboration is one of the best highlights. In addition, you can enjoy the Momiji tunnel, five gradation Momiji, the view from Tomoe bridge, and the Momiji hiking on the street near Kojaku Temple.
During the festival, there are many branch shops such as a Tosakumen shop by Chinese craftsman, a Gohei-mochi shop, a dumpling shop, and a Frankfurt shop by zizi-Kobo in Korankei Square.

Period:The beginning of Novebmer ~The end of November
Place:Toyota-shi Asuke-cho Mt Imori
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