Sanage Matsuri is famous for gallantly dedicating ' Bou No Te ' one of the local entertainments ( prefecturally-designated intangible folklore cultural asset ). The sticks, the swards, the pikes and the hooks are used at Bou No Te. This farmers military art has been inherited since Muro era and had come to perform as pray of productiveness of grain.

The festival is held for two days. Shigaku Sai starts in the evening and Mikoshi Togyo and Kamigyouji done by Wakashu are performed later on. Mikoshi Togyo has a fantastic view of the big portable shrines marching with the torches around. Hongaku Sai has the performance of Bou No Te with the entry of Keigo Tai and the dedication of the performance of Miko.

Sanage Matsuri is said to have the origin in 16th century and to dedicating of the horses and Bou No Te from 186 villages in 3 countries, Obari, Mikawa and Minou at their best. They compete in the technique of Bou No Te at the shrine but it had another name of ' Kenka Matsuri ' because it had much of fightings.

Date : The second Saturday and Sunday of October every year
Venue:Sanage Jinjya ( Ooshiro, Sanage Cho, Toyota city )