'Asuke Yahata Shrine' is registered as one of the Japanese Important Cultural Properties. Every year, a festival is held in the shrine. t's called Asuke Festival. It has been held every year since 1700. In those days, it lasted for 5 days, but now it lasts for 2 days(Saturday and Sunday).
The matchlock gun corps perform excitingly and they are very famous for their great performance. Definitely,you should see it. The other highlights are hikimawashi' and 'Bonten tori'. The festival car runs around inside the shrine(Hikimawashi) and the bamboo tubes(Bonten) are thrown. Many people try to get those Bonten for good luck(Bonten tori), so there are sometimes fights because they really want them. After the festival, each festival car goes back to each town. The festival cars are amazingly fantastic and epic because they are decorated with beautiful lanterns.
There's a stage on the front of the festival cars called 'Deyakudana' and 3 or 4 young guys ride on it and dance or shout.

The date: 2nd Saturday and 2nd Sunday in every October
The place: Asuke Yahata Shrine(12, Miyanoato, Asuke-cho, Toyota-shi,Aichi)