The temple is the only one which does not belong to any religious school and is for all Japanese Buddhists. In 1904 ( Meiji 37 year ), it was built for the represents of each school to discuss and place the bone of Buddha received from Thailand ( 'Sham' at that time ). It is built as the symbol of goodwill of Japan and Sham and named Kakuouji Nissenji with the sangou, 'Kakuou' meaning Buddha. Later the name was changed to Nittaiji in 1942 ( Shouwa 17 year ) due to the change of the name of Thailadnd, Sham to Thailand in 1939 ( Shouwa 14 year ).

It has annual events such as Nehane on 15th March, Goutane ( Flower festival ) on 8th April, Uesaka Matsuri in May, Taian Memorial Houyou on 15th June, Joudoe on 8th December, Shunjuu Higankai Houyou and so one. Especially on 21st of every month, it has a hopping of Kouhou Daiji and many stalls in a shrine. It is crowded with many people and become the place of trust and relaxing for Nagoya citizen.