Sakae is Nagoya’s symbolic commercial zone and is a vibrant downtown area with Otsu Street and the Sakae crossing at its centre,.
The Nagoya Television Tower is the symbol of Nagoya and is lit-up in the evenings,making it an ideal dating spot.

Matsuzakaya Nagoya Branch boasts the largest surface space for a Japanese shopping mall. Not only can you enjoy shopping there,but there is also an art museum with a pipe organ. You will enjoy visiting this luxurious shopping mall typical of Nagoya.
Nearby are Nagoya PARCO,where you will find over 300 brands,and the Nadya Park complex.

If you still want keep on shopping we recommend you go to Central Park that stretches underground from Sakai Station to Hisaya-Odori Station. If you’d rather take it easy,we recommend the theater on the 9th floor of the Chunichi Building. There are 1440 seats and plays of all variety,from musicals to kabuki.