The Shaka-do,Komyo-do and the Gaku-do are registered as Important Cultural Property and are all at Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple. The temple is the 2nd most visited temple in Japan for the first visit of the New Year.

The Daihondo is the most important and emblematic Dojo of Narita-san Shinsho-ji Temple and was built in 1963. There are many buildings in Mt. Narita but each hall caters for a different divine favor such as romantic contentment asKomyo-do,good luck at Shaka-do,business success at Shusse-Inari Shrine,and so on.

We recommend you buy an Omamori lucky charm. There are many varieties so choose wisely according to the divine favor you wish to receive.

The road safety charm is popular too but the Migawari charm is the most popular. The Migawari charm will bring you good health.

Narita-san is also famous for having its own way of visiting the shrines.

First you bow at the Somon entrance before cleansing your hands and mouth at Temizuya. You then path through the Nio-mon gate guarded by the Kongorikishi and purify your heart at Kokaku. It is said that the smoke from the Kokaku has healing powers.
You will then visit Daihondo,which is the main shrine. Once there,bow once in front of the offertory box before clapping your hands once and praying. Once you have finished praying bow once more before heading inside to pray to the Fudo.

This shrine visiting procedure is different from the procedure followed at other shirnes and temples in Japan so please experience the difference.

Festival of Chiba in this month

Timeline of Naritasan