Mikatago lake is a prominent scenic spot in Wakasa quasi-national park, and also is a Japan certified scenic spot.
From the ancient times, the lake is known for it's seasonal beauty and was also featured in "Manyoushu", the ancient Japanese poetry collection.
On November 8th, 2005 Mikatago lake was registered in Ramsar Convention for being recognized as an important wetland.
Mikatago consists of 5 lakes, which are Mikatako, Suigetsuko, Sugako, Hirugako, and Kugushiko.
Mikatago is sometimes referred to as Lake of 5 colors, due to difference of salt concentration in each lakes.
Lake is home to many species including both fresh water and salt water fishes, and is also an important habitat for waterfowls. Over 10000 waterfowls spend the winter at the lake.
At the bottom of Suigetuko - one of the 5 lakes of Mikatago, there are varves (An annual layer of sediment, or sedimentary rock) which took 70000 years to compile.
The varve at the bottom of Suigetuko became a international archaeological measurement IntCal13.

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