Tojinbo located in Sakai City Fukui near the border of Ishikawa Prefecture is a cliff pushing out into Japan Sea
It is one of the famous Fukui sights designated as the National natural treasure and the Places of scenic beauty.
It is also the popular scenic spot filled of tourists all year long in the Japan Sea coast.
Tojinbo is often used as a shooting place for popular Japanese suspenseful TV shows.

The Japan Sea with violent waves hitting to the sheer cliff (1 kilometer wide and 25 meter high) is extremely powerful
There is walkway along the rocky coast.
If you ride on a ferry,you can see many strange stones,such as Lion Stone,Candle Stone,Sandan Stone and Byobu Stone.

Tojinbo,Ojima Island,Echizen Matsuyama or Mt. Hakusan are seen from Tojinbo tower which is 100 meter above sea level and 55 meter high.

Increasing the number of the foreign tourists is expected by the Hokuriku Shinkansen Kanagawa Line opens in 2014.