At a glance:
.An area consisting of over 200 waterfalls
.Each season boasts its own unique natural scenery
.A wide-ranging area, with loads to offer – guided tours included!

Waterfall tours are a popular leisure activity in Osaka town, Gero.
The 200 waterfalls there have heights from just 5m and up, and were created by lava from Mt. Ontake’s past eruptions.
Secure tourist paths have been built so that the natural beauty of the area can be explored freely and without a guide, although the difficulty of each route varies, and for some routes a guide is necessary. With more than 10 courses available, however, there is something for all physical capabilities.
A popular one of the easier routes that can be undertaken without a guide, crosses over the waterfalls, allowing visitors to experience the magical sound of the frothing waters resonating from below. The surrounding landscape is also a haven for a wide variety of flowers and animals – birds, antelope, racoon dogs and even Japanese macaque monkeys are frequently seen there.

Festival of Gero city in this month

Timeline of Osaka-cho Waterfalls