Gero Onsen is known as one of the Three Greatest Onsens of Japan along with Arima Onsen and Kusatsu Onsen.

Gero Onsen is known for having low levels of onsen-specific components in its waters and so is easier on the body than the average Onsen. It can therefore be enjoyed by people of all ages. Also,it has alkaline properties so is good for smoothing the skin,increasing its beauty. The water has a slightly slimy feel to it and is known to heal neuralgia,muscle aches and arthralgia.

There is also an Onsen Museum,Onsen-ji Temple from where you’ll have a good view of the Gero Onsen District and the Gassho-mura Village where thatched-roof houses from Shirakawa-go have been relocated.

There are many footbaths too that you can enjoy while visiting around,and having many things to do other than take a bath is one of the characteristics of Gero Onsen.

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A fireworks festival is held here every year from January to end of March.

Festival of Gero city in this month

Timeline of Gero Hot Spring