*Workshop factory where resembled food samples are created
*This traditional factory was built 150 years ago.
*Visitors can experience food sample crafting!


This tourist facility “Sample Factory”「さんぷる工房」is inside of traditional house which was built 150 years ago. Visitors can watch, touch, and craft sample food.

Why don’t you spend fun time at “Gunjyo-Hachiman” [郡上八幡] where resembled food sample manufacturing is known as traditional local business.

Near the factory’s entrance, there are souvenir shops which sell cell phone straps, magnets and key chains attached to resembled food sample. As you walk into the building, you can see many resembled samples exhibited.

After passing exhibition section, there is work-shop section where visitors can make resembled food sample, Tempura. (3 Tempura, Takes 30 min, Fee 1000 yen)
The most behind section, there is a factory where tourists can watch professionals create resembled food samples on live.

At Kitamachi-kan “北町館” (factory located different place), tourists can enjoy different resembled food sample from Honkan “本館”(Main building).
Cafe space is also available,. Enjoy Real soft ice cream !