Crispy on the outside and fluffy within, the secret to Seki eel’s mouth-watering flavour lies in its first being grilled alone, before ‘tare’ (a Japanese dipping sauce) is added, after which it is then grilled a second time. Considered the most delicious eel in the Tokai region, Seki sees hundreds of visitors coming from all over just to try ‘unadon’ – the local delicacy of eel served on a bed of rice.
Seki is also known for its production of cutlery, and it was believed long ago that the local cutlery artisans obtained the necessary stamina for their trade from their consumption of the famous eel.
Within Seki City there are five speciality eel shops, and no less than twenty five places where delicious bowls of unadon can be enjoyed. Why not come and try some yourself?