To the east of Numata City,Gunma Prefecture,Katashina River runs in between Mt. Akagisan,Mt. Shiranesan and Mt. Hotaka. It is in the Katashina Valley that you’ll find Fukiware Falls.
It reaches 7m in height and 30m in width,and the sight of the water falling past complicated rock patterns is the reason behind it being called the Niagara Falls of the East.

It is called Fukiware because the giant rock at the mouth of the waterfall is split (fukiware).
With the waterfall at its center,there is a footpath along Katashina River,so you can get really close to the falls. There is a waterfall seeing spot from above as well as an observatory a small distance away,and many visitors come here when the Momiji leaves turn red in autumn.

It is even selected as one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan.
Upstream from the waterfalls are a couple of islands in the river; Ukishima Island and Senjo-jiki Island. On Ukishima-Island,which you can reach from either bank by walking over a bridge,there is a Kannon-do and a Kannon Festival is held every April and October. We recommend you visit if you have some spare time.
Along the riverside there are many restaurants specializing in local cuisine using edible wild plants,buckwheat,and river fish. There are also Shirane Onsen and Katashine Onsen nearby so you can relax in a bath too.
It is also close to other tourist destination in Gunma Prefecture such as Oze and Nikko Yumoto so we recommend you drop by on your way.