This is the theme park in Noboribetsu that reproduced the culture and customs of Edo period. There are stores, samurai residences, and ninja residences that have a lot of tricks. You can also see powerful and magnificent performances that villagers (samurai, ninja, courtesan, townspeople etc.) perform. This is exactly what “entertainment” is.
You can experience to be a Japanese lord, princes, or ninja at an event, also there are a bunch of ninja or Japanese swordsmanship performances. In addition, there is a museum of Edo swords and ninja, so it is able to learn Japanese history there. You will feel Edo atmosphere at the restaurants as well.
There is a Japanese noodle restaurant (such as ramen, udon, and soba), and also a big restaurant for big groups. For souvenir, character items of rice crackers that are only sold at this place are nice to purchase. There is also skin care products store that is popular in Hokkaido.