〈These are high spot!〉

*The biggest music box specialty shop in Japan
*Historical and modern building
*Work shop for trying to make music box


Otaru music box shop, which is the biggest music box specialty shop in Japan, is a historical building built in 1912, where more than 1500 music boxes are on display and sale. A steam clock in front of the building is symbol, for which automatically performs the pipe organ four times in a day, exiting visitor. The nostalgic and fairy atmosphere have influence on this place bustling with many tourists.

Each music box has various shapes, tone, and music. There are simplistic, cute, and delicate ones and so on….
Any of them perform nice tone. You also can buy CD which compiled famous music arranged by a music box style.
Inside of the shop is gorgeous, for which is colored by illuminations. The shop has main building and building No. 2. In “Yu-kobo”, which is near by walking from the main one, there is a space for trying to make music box. So, you can make an original one in about an hour (necessary to reserve).