At a glance:
.Discover the fascinating lifestyle of the Ainu People
.Enjoy a traditional Ainu meal!

Opened in 1984, the Shiraoi Ainu Musueum was built as a research facility, promoting study and investigation into the unique culture and folklore of Hokkaido’s indigenous Ainu society.

The museum is more than just a display of Ainu books and documents, however – it also boasts a traditionally restored Ainu house – known as a ‘chise’. Visitors can also enjoy witnessing a traditional Ainu dance, as well as a re-enactment of the ceremonial ‘Iomante’ ritual, in which, traditionally, brown bears and other animals were sacrificed in the intent of sending off souls to the realm of the gods!
And if that’s not enough , why not come and try a traditional Ainu meal?