seafoods, vegetables, and dairies. Moreover, its beautiful views, such as glamourous flowers in summer and deep snow in winter, will heal your heart. Of course, you can not miss "onsen" (hot spring), as well.

Many visitors from other countries enjoy Niseko, Rusutsu, and Sapporo; these locations are perfect for skiing-lovers due to their enormous ski slopes and rich snow coverage. For seafood-lovers, Otaru and Sapporo are highly recommened. Ice pavilion in Sapporo and historical buildings in Hakodate amuse you with romantic feelings and imagination. Recently, more and more people from Asian countries where they have no snow, visit Japan for the wonderful experience of seeing and touching snow.

Hokkaido is not only popular place for winter. Flowers and "shibazakura" (moss pink) flourish in Biei and Furano are also very popular. Therefore, Hokkaido's so-called "off-season" is NOT necessarily "off".

Those who have already visited and enjoyed the "Golden-route" including Tokyo and Osaka, will definitely find a different type of pleasure in Hokkaido.

Timeline of Hokkaido

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