*Surrounded by astonishing beauty of rich nature land.
*Popular Onsen (Hot Spring) Resort
*Delicious Food and Drinks produced from rich nature


Kirishima 霧島 is the area surrendered by rich nature located in city of Kirishima.

Especially great nature of Kirishima mountain range which was registered as first national park in Japan and Onsen (Hot Spring) spring from the base of it. This place is believed as created by several Gods and known as the legends. Mountains belong to Kirishima mountain range and lively streams show mysterious landscapes by seasons. The beauty of nature in Kirishima is astonishing.

Many facilities to enjoy Kirishima are available, such as Hotels where visitors can enjoy Hot Spring, water falls, shrins with history, and horseback riding stables etc. In addition to that, local drinks and food, such as Shochu (Sake), rich flavoured Kirishima tea, and Fukuyama black vinegar produced by local nature etc, are available to drink and eat.

Come and enjoy Kirishima nature !

Festival of Kagoshima in this month

Timeline of Kirishima