At Mt. Aso Nakadake Crater is where you’ll be able to get the closest to the crater of Mt. Aso.
There is a light-green crater-lake and shelters to protect you from cinders in case of a sudden eruption.

There are also souvenir stores selling souvenirs typical of the volcanic area such as natural sulfur and horse fat,and are very popular with foreign tourists.
However,if you are visiting from abroad,please be reminded that you cannot take sulfur on board your plane.
There may be restrictions and/or instructions to take shelter depending on the activity of Mt. Aso and on the direction of the wind and the weather. When this happens,please stay calm and take refuge in the shelters provided. There are also many forbidden areas that you must stay clear of as you may inhale some toxic gas.
The warnings and notices are in several languages so please make sure to stay away from any forbidden areas.

Festival of Kumamoto in this month

Timeline of Mt.Aso Nakadake-Crater